Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Frighteners (1996) Doomgoryum Report Episode # 15

Written by happywax March 8 2012

For details see video review below in Episode # 15 of
The Doomgoryum Report ! Enjoy !

   Hi there all you Poltergeist Loving Paranormal Freaks !! Hap , Karl & Jimmy here with a little treat for you from the vault ! It's an Oldie but a goodie !!! The Frighteners !! Check out this review and tell us what you think ! Karl's filling in for Axe , while he's down in Mexico helping to Quell the recent Uprising of the Undead ! So enjoy , and remember to subscribe to our You Tube channel if you like what you see !

                          From Hap , Karl & Axe & jimmy  ......

                                           Stay Scared !!!!

"No ! Scooby didn't get us All !!! "

"This is how All my Dates Go !"

"Dang Sun screen Aint Workin !!"

"Hmm . Feel like The wall have ears !??"

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