Sunday, 12 June 2011

Steel Trap (2007)

Written by Axemaster June 12 2011
Rating 3.5 out of 10

Director   -   Luis Camara

Georgia Mackenzie  -  Kathy
Mark Wilson    -    Wade
Pascal Langdale    -    Robert
Julia Ballard    -    Nicole
Jeanna Bobin    -    Pamela

      Hey there all you Fright Freaks .... Axemaster back in the Dungeon here , with .. a... movie... to tel.......... "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" "Snort ! a Choke !! AHH OH !!" "Sorry !"
Ever since I Watched .... Steel Trap !! I have this uncontrollable urge to ..... SLEEP !!  Yeah ..... Stinker alert on this one folks !
" Luke ...... I AM YOUR FATHER !!"
   Here's the story line , in a very vague nut shell ...........

     Okay , so there's this Party going on , on the top floor of an abandoned building . People are having a great old time . Then , seven guests get invites to go to a V.I.P. party on the 27th floor . So of course they go , effectively isolating themselves from any other party goers and turning themselves into unwitting Slasher Flick victims in the process ! They find a cryptic (or NOT so Cryptic !!Duh !!) message in the form of a rotted pigs head stuck on a pole , signifying that the Partay , may be over !! Thus , a Revenge Plot, To end All Revenge Plots , is set in motion !! Tune in as our cast except their Oscar Awards for their effort !!( Harsh , you say , Oh faithful Frightnicks !?? Not as Harsh as it was on ME Watching this film !!) So okay !! You have these Slobs lined up for the Slashing and Gashing to begin . You have your tired old , "Is The Killer Among Us !??" crap , which leads into the Even More Tired out old ..... "Well Which One Of Us Is It then !!???" double crap !!! All Leading to the very transparent and over done Surprise Ending !! (Dun Da Da DUNN !!)
    To Director Camara , I can only say ...... Maybe next time sir , and good luck to you on that !

"Please Let This Flick End !! "
Normally I encourage You , Fright Fans , to watch these flicks , and decide for yourselves , how good they really are . In this case , I make a rare exception and say ..... Don't bother !!
Stinker Alert !! Stinker Alert !!
                   Until we meet again in the Dark places fright Fans !

       P.S. ......
                     My Grocery List Would Scare You More than This Flick !

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