Friday, 10 June 2011

Jeepers Creepers (2001)

Written by Axemaster May 10 2011
Rating 9 out of 10

Director   -   Victor Salva

Gina Phillips    -    Patricia "Trish" Jenner
Justin Long    -    Darry Jenner
Jonathan Breck  -  The Creeper
Patricia Belcher  -  Jezelle Gay Hartman
Eileen Brennan  -  The Cat Lady

     Hey there all you Creature Feature Fiends !! Axemasters back in the Dungeon tonight with a real treat for you !1 Jeepers Creepers ! This is definitely one of my favorite flicks from the last decade !
Here's the story line in a nut shell ..........

"Road Warrior Moving at your service !"
"I love getting some Tongue !"
"Hello Avon Calling !"
    Open on a long and lonesome highway , rolling through the back hills. A lone car comes into view . In it are Darry and Trish Jenner . These two siblings are enjoying some rivalry , while taking the back roads home to avoid the freeway . ( Some times road rage is better ! ) They're having a good time really . Doing what sisters and brothers do ! Getting caught up , picking on each other , and playing their own game of "spot and figure out the personalized plates" ! They pass a slow moving R.V. with 6a4evr , "Sexy for ever" ! Trish is winning 5 to 2 ! (Yeah Trish Rrrroww !!) After they pass "Sexy" , we see through the rear window , the R.V. turn off the highway . Behind it , is a fast moving hulk of a Truck ! Its moving way to fast for how it looks ! It speeds right up to their bumper and blasts an eerie air like horn ! ( I wonder if Director Victor Salva was a fan of both "Dual" and "The Car" as this truck has elements of both in it for sure !) The kids start freaking out thinking they left all the road rage on the freeway , and they swerve all over the road as the mystery Truck blasts its horn and menacingly fish tails all over behind them ! Then this nut job blasts past them , as though he's driving a formula car ! As he pulls ahead of our shaken sibs , we see he has his own personalized plate ........ BEATNGU ..... !!! (Gulp !) So , as Mr. Beatngu speeds off , our two heros , need to take a pee break ! (Probably because it was scared out of them !) They pull over and take a leak , and as the shock wares off , start driving and gabbing again !(Kids these days !! ) They drive past an old church and there's BEATNGU !! And what's .... what's, he ... what's he doing there !!? He ... he's throwing something down an old rusty storm pipe !! Something ........ wrapped in ..... a Bloody Sheet !! Something shaped like a BODY !!!!! (Double Gulp !!!) They hammer the gas and burn rubber out of there , but BEATNGU's Suped Up Serial Killer Semi is rocket powered and he's on them in seconds ! This time he smashes into the back of their car repeatedly and runs them off the road !! He keeps going as they stop in the middle of a farm field . Now of course , you and I Fright Fans .. well we'd hightail it the other way back to the freeway !! But not our to hero's ! They decide to go back to the old church and check out , Yup ! You guessed it ! The rusty old pipe where BEATNGU was throwing his dirty mystery load ! Trish wants to get out of there , but Darry , Spurred on by sheer insanity , decides the best thing to do is go down the pipe and check things out !! (Duh !) So he goes in head first and slips all the way to the bottom , into an old basement to the church above ! There he finds , BEATNGU's bloody bundles ! And ..... ones still moving !! Darry reluctantly opens up this package and there's another kid , about his age staring back at him !! This guy tries to say a word or two , but he is gasping and choking , and Darry wants to help him so he tears open the rest of the sheet thats covering him , and we see that "Sheet Guy" has had some hastily preformed surgery !! A huge crudely stitched scar runs down the middle of his chest !! Darry gets up in a daze and staggers back to the pipe . He tells Trish to wait by the road and take off if she see the old truck come back . He goes back to look for a way up out of the church basement ........ and thats when he finds BEATNGU's "Artwork" !! The entire ceiling and walls of the place are covered with bodies !! Strangely preserved Bodies !! Sewn , stitched and Pieced  together BODIES !! (Yeeaaahhh !) Darry stumbles out to the car and tells Trish of the Horror he's found ! They hightail it into the nearest town and get to the local Diner , Gas Station combo and Call the cops ! The cops get there but have a hard time believing Darry's tale ! As he's trying to convince them , the waitress calls Trish and Darry over and tells them that a strange dude has been rifling through their car , and .... well .... Smelling Darry's Dirty Laundry !! (Gross !) The cops agree to escort the kids back to the old church , but as they're driving there , they receive a report from H.Q. that the old church is on fire !! Thats when the cops hear something go ..... BUMP .... in the night on top of their cruiser !! The Creeper has arrived !!
   Director Victor Salva scored a huge hit with this flick . Its dark and moody through out . The Creeper has a classic Universal Monsters look to him . ( Salva is a big "Creature From The Black Lagoon " Fan )
Plus the story line is original through out . We may not know exactly what the Creeper is , but the tale is so good , we don't care !
   So Pop Your Corn , and turn your Milk into Duds , and put this classic on the tube .... if you dare !!

      And until we meet again Fright Fans .......... Remember ......

        Every 23rd Spring , For 23 Days .................
               It Gets To Eat !!!       And today ............... is .... day 1 !!!!!!

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