Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Brain Dead (1990)

Written by Axemaster June 7 2011
Rating 7 out of 10

Director   -   Adam Simon

Bill Pullman   -   Dr. Rex Martin
Bill Paxton    -    Jim Reston
George Kennedy  -  Vance
Nicholas Pryor   -   Man In Bloody White Suit
Patricia Charbanneau   -   Dana Martin

"Jeeze Laweezz ! I said A LITTLE off the top !"
   Hey there all you Psychological Thriller Seekers !! Axe is back with a cool one for you !
 Brain Dead !! If you like Eerie imagery and Surreal Thrills , then grab your Corn , get it popped and plug this one in ! Heres the story line in a nut shell ...........

"No My name Is NOT VADER !!!"
   Dr. Rex Martin is a top Neurosurgeon and , well , old Rex .. He likes .... Brains !! In fact , He's got a whole whack of Brains !! Hundreds to be honest ! He's a humble researcher , who dreams of being able to pinpoint the defects in the human brain that cause psychological disorders of all kinds . He's good too ! So good that he attracts the attention of Eunice Corporation !! (Whoo ! Well hello Mr. Fancy Pants !!) Eunice Corp. wants Rex to have a peek at a certain mental patient named Halsey ! See Halsey was a brilliant Mathematician who worked for Eunice Corp. before he flipped his lid , and he has company secrets buried in that Juicy brain of his that they want back real bad ! So they send in Jim Reston , an old school friend of Rex's who works for Eunice as well ! (Paxton isn't as bad in this flick as he usually is !) Jim convinces Rex that Eunice Corp. could give him a chance to do some testing of his "Brain picking " Techniques on a living subject ! (Illegal ........ You Betcha !!) Old Rex is an ethical guy , but in the end , he gives in to temptation and says okay ! (Did you really think he wouldn't !?) .
"Acting School !? I've already been there twice man !!"
      Rex meets Halsey a couple times to get the gist of his problems . Halsey is paranoid and delusional . He blames all his trouble on a guy named Ed Conklin . He sees Ed Conklin everywhere . Ed ruined his life!! Ed Screwed his wife !! and so on . Long story short , Rex talks Halsey into having a bit of experimental Brain surgery to get to the root of his problems !! ( A sane decision I'm sure !)
    The surgery takes place , in a Eunice facility , behind a plate glass window so that all the Big Wigs can watch front row center ! (Business Ethics !?? HHmmm ?? ) Rex unscrews the top of the screwballs head , and the procedure goes like a dream ! Rex actually cures Halsey's psychosis and he can become a useful Eunice employee again !
  However ............. as the operation is ending , and the Big Wigs are applauding his work , Rex , out of the corner of his eye , see a strange sight . He sees ................ The Man In The Bloody White Suit !!!
(Dun Da Da DUUNNNN !!!!!!!) Rex is the only one who can see him . Rex is perplexed ! (I Know I would be !!)  This where Rex's world starts down a ..... stranger path than the usual calm days playing with his Brain collection !! Will Rex figure out the riddle behind the Man In The Bloody White Suit !??
Will he keep Reality separate from Delusion !!?? ............ I"ll Never Tell !!! You'll have to watch this one and find out for yourselves Fright Fans !
    Director Adam Simon (The Haunting In Connecticut) Does a good job with this flick . The Mood is dark . A lot of the scenes are as well . He really puts a paranoid fell into the film . The Twighlight Zone vibe comes from none other than writer Charles Beaumont , who wrote many of the Classic Zone episodes !! So , if you're feeling like you might want to ...... Pick Some ones Brain !! Then give this old classic a chance !

       And remember ........... If you have a collection of Hundreds of Brains ............

                     DON"T keep them stacked Eight shelves  High !!!

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