Thursday, 2 June 2011

Frankenstein (1931)

 Written by Happywax         June 2011
Rating 9 out of 10

Director  -  James Whale

Colin Clive  -  Henry Frankenstein
Boris Karloff -  The Monster
Dwight Frye  -  Fritz
Mae Clarke  -  Elizebeth
John Boles  -  Victor Moritz
"You got a light ? Oh Thanks !!"
"You Found My Marbles !"
 Hey all you FrankenFreaks, Happys got another classic for all of you, and in the words of Dr Frankenstein ,"It's alive, it's alive, it's alive!" In fact, despite being eighty years old, this film is still very much alive. James Whale's Frankenstein is one of the greatest monster movies of all time. Bolstered by Boris Karloff's spectacular portrayal of the Monster, Jack P. Pierce's incredible talent as a make-up artist, and Colin Clive's mad Dr. Frankenstein, this version of Mary Shelley's masterpiece remains unmatched by the countless films that have sought to recreate its magic. Boris Karloff brings so much depth and sensitivity to the creature that it is often difficult to call him a monster. This is a rare achievement, playing the "villain" in a film so well that the audience can relate to him, or feel for him. Who has not felt misunderstood, lost, confused, rejected, or even despised at some point in their lives? If not all of us, then I would imagine, most of us. Karloff's ability to show a bit of humanity from behind his menacing make-up is truly astonishing. I could not help but feel pity for the Monster when Fritz (Dwight Frye, who also played Renfield in Universal's Dracula that same year) tortured him with the torch. At times like these, you must ask who is the monster here? Is it the creature brought back to life by no desire of his own? Is it the insanely over-ambitious Dr. Frankenstein who cannot see life as more than a vehicle for his experimentation? One could certainly argue that Fritz was a monster, based on his cruel treatment of the monster. Not all monsters choose to be what they are perceived to be. Some monsters, as in this case, are created by true monsters. You could say that I have read a little too much into all of this, but I mention it because I think that a great movie makes you think, makes you ask questions, and this movie does those things. With its impressive performances and amazing (albeit, for its time) special effects, and endless influence on subsequent monster/horror movies, James Whale's Frankenstein is a classic not to be missed!       And as a speacial treat for all of you, your old pal Happy has once again done his homework and dug up this little gem for ya    BOO!!!     which is included in the special features on the 75th aniversary edition of this awsome classic, so sit back and enjoy!!
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  1. I really really love this review, fantastic writing and I couldn't agree more...such a good classic! Boo was pretty hilarious thanks for mentioning this one, it was worth checking out for sure.