Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Call of Duty - Elite

Written by Happywax and Paintball Zombie
Rating -  Total Awsomeness

Ok guys ,Happys here with Paintball Demon , so on the Xbox live start up screen there is a brand new add for Call of Duty Elite. Its a website that allows you to start clans, make groups, share videos, and get info on news and game strategies, it kinda like facebook in Call of Duty form, what a great idea, now I know that this doesnt have anything to do with Horror, but there's enough killin in the trailer to warrent a post on the site, not to mention the guys gamer character is called The legend Of Karl, kinda like Doomgoryums own character " Karl Headblaster", and i highly recomend you join the Karl Headblaster facebook page to stay up todate on all the awsome events that doomgoryum has planned for you,just hit the Karl Headblaster Link at the top of the page, it will take you right to Facebook, Karls gonna be working 24/7 to make the Facebook page look awsome , so make sure you check it out, as well make sure you check out the trailer for Call of Duty   ELITE  even if your not into video games, its funny as hell, it actually had me laughin out load in a bunch of spots, and if you guys wanna add me on you Xbox friends list feel free, just send your old pal    happywax     a friend request and if I have room I'll add you, ok guys that's it for now,  happy gaming.....

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