Saturday, 7 April 2012

Doomgoryum Contract Talks , Jimmy wants a New Truck !

"The Plaintiff , Jimmy in leaner times !
He couldn't even afford a shirt before
Hap & Axe "Dug" him up !!"
Written by Axemaster April 10 2012

        Hey there Horror Hounds ! Recently , it was contract time in the Dungeon , and Jimmy entered into talks with Hap & Axe ! As often happens for the Doomgoryum Guys , things got a little "Out of Hand" ! Check out the video below and see for yourself ! We think you'll find that everything turned out alright in the end ! Just another day In The Dungeon !
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                                From Hap Axe & Jimmy ...

                                       Stay Scared !!! 

"Evil Task Masters !!???"
"Jimmy says , "Come On Guys !!
Have a Heart !" "

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