Monday, 9 April 2012

The Doomgoryum Horror Emporium ATM Survival Guide !

Written by Axemaster April 9 2012

    Hey there Fright Freaks ! Recently , the Doomgoryum Guys watched a new flick called ATM (See Episode # 23 of The Doomgoryum Report !) . Needless to say , the Premiss of Three people being terrorized by one Parka wearing Buffoon made us laugh ! For all you late night bankers ... heres an example of how to deal with the situation if it should arise ! Enjoy , and don't forget to subscribe to our You Tube channel if you like what you see !

                        From Hap , Axe & Jimmy ....

                               Stay Scared !!!! 

"Hap & Axe In Disguise just before a
Raid on a nest of the undead !
Remember ! Fight Evil !" 

"Never a dull moment in The Dungeon !"

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