Monday, 9 April 2012

Happywaxs Video Vault , Total Recall (2012) & Shock Stock

Written by Axemaster April 9 2012

For details see Episode # 3 of
Happywaxs Video Vault ! Enjoy !

     Hey there Video Vigilantes ! Haps been at it again ! Check out this weeks Episode of Happywaxs Video Vault and get the low down on the Total Recall remake ! Also , find out about Canadas only true Horror and Exploitation Festival .. Shock Stock ! Hap's pumped and so are the rest of the guys from the Doomgoryum Dungeon !
So have peek ! You won't be disappointed !
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                                        Stay Scared !! 

"Collin Ferrel playing Quaide !! ??
Whats is Hollywood screwing with now !!??
"Not only is Hap a Member of the Fraternal
Brotherhood of the Water buffalos ..
He's The President of his Chapter !!"

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