Thursday, 26 April 2012

SHOCK STOCK 2012 !! Doomgoryum Special Report !

Written by Axemaster April 26 2012 .

Hey there Fright Fans ! Well , it's been a while since we posted something new here at Doomgoryums , but here it is !! Part 1 of our exclusive coverage of STOCK SHOCK 2012 !!!!
We had an Awesome time at the 3 day event and it was well worth the Deluxe Pass cost of just 60 bucks for three days of Horror , Exploitation , and Sci-fi Glory ! So check out the videos below and take your first peek into the world of Shock Stock ! You won't be disappointed ! The video's in Part 1 deal mainly with Interviews of the stars . Coming in Part 2 will be Interviews with the Independent Film makers we had the Pleasure of meeting , and talking to ! So Stay tuned and ..

               From Hap , Axe & Jimmy ............. Stay Scared !!!!!!!

                              Here's our Review of the whole Stock Shock weekend !! Enjoy !

                       The Wonderful Strangeness of Shock Stock ! Good for a Quick Laugh !

                  Joe Pilato (Day Of The Dead ) Interview ! Definitely Not for Young ears !!! 

              Olivia LaCroix & Madeline Brunby Interview . The Ladies from Dear God No !

     Geretta Geretta & Bobby Rhodes Interview ! Everyones Favorite Demons In The Flesh !

Kane Hodder Interview ! The Greatest of All Jasons to Don the Goalie Mask ! And our only 
                                         Bit of Technical Difficulty for the whole weekend !

The Lovely Lynne Griffin ! From Black Christmas , Curtains , and Strange Brew You Hosers !

            This ones called .... The Venders ! Giving you all a first hand view of Shock Stock !

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