Saturday, 9 March 2013

Happywaxs Video Vault ! Thale Trailer & In Chambers Short !

Written By Axemaster March 9th , 2013

Hey there Lovers of The Macabre ! Happywax is back with a great Episode of ... Happywax's Video Vault ... this time ! First , there's the ... Thale .... Trailer , for you lovers of the Norwegian Horror based on their Folklore ! Then , Hap unleashes the Awesome short ...... In Chambers !!
Check it out ! You won't be sorry you did ! If you like what you see , check out the link above for more Great Episodes of Happywaxs Video Hault !

"The Hunt for Horror Never stops for Happywax !"

Axe , & Karl Headblaster Go Batty Over Hap's Video Vault

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