Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Dead Walk Talk # 20 ! The Walking Dead's "Prey" !

Written By Axemaster March 26 , 2013


  Okay All you Zombie Lovers ! Hap , Chap, Axe & Jimmy are Back ! With another great Episode of Dead Walk Talk ! This time , they unanimously decide to let Chuckie The Rubber Chicken fly for this weeks Walking Dead instalment ! The controversy has raged for a few weeks now , but   ... "Prey"....... was the Episode The Doomgoryum Guys all .... "Pray" ....... They'll not catch in reruns ! So Check out the show and let them know what you think ! Check out the link above for more Horror Action !!

                     When the Dead begin to walk the earth ............

                                 Hap, Chap , Axe & Jimmy Have the fire power !!!! 

"Hey ! Shut The Hell Up Andrea !"

"Just Shut Up Andrea ! "

"I wouldn't be able to find you if you'd Shut Up Andrea !"

"Oh Boy !! I should have just Shut Up !"

"Ha ! That Andra Bitch'll Never Shut Up ! "
"There !! Now Shut The Hell Up Andrea !"

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