Saturday, 9 March 2013

Happywax's Video Vault ! Frankenstein Theory Trailer !

Written by Axemaster , March 9th , 2013

   Okay there Classic Creature Lovers ! This time , Hap Unleashes the Grand Daddy of all the Creature Features with this Episode of Happywax's Video Vault ........ Frankenstein Theory !!! Check out this cool looking continuation of the Classic Mary Shelly story ! What Would Frankestein's monster be up to all these years later !!???? Well ... Tune in and find out Yall !!!! If you like what you see , check out the link above for more Happywax's Video Vaults , and don't forget to Subscribe to the channels ! Enjoy , and ..........

                                                        Stay Scared !!!!!

"Suiting up every week for The Show !

"No One's Happier with Horror Than Hap !"

"Macabre !!  Naaaah !! All in A Days work !"

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