Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Doomgoryum Report # 45 ! The Bay (2012) !


     Okay Creature Feature Crazies !! Hap , Axe & Jimmy Got a real treat for You On this Episode of The Doomgoryum Report !!!
The Bay !!! This flick is sure to make you squirm and shiver ! It's so packed full of slime and gore you'll never feel good about fishing or swimming again ! This one is kind of a diamond in the rough , but we think you'll like it ! Check out the show and let us know what you think ! Check out the website above for more Great Horror action ! If you like what you see , Subscribe to our Youtube Channel ! Stay tuned for more Great Episodes of The Doomgoryum Report ! Enjoy !!

              From Hap , Axe & Jimmy .........

                  Keep an eye on where .......

                           They're dumping the Chicken Poop !!! 

"Dam ! I Made The Nose Light Up !
Stupid Buzzer Drives Me Nuts !"
"Did I Get Some On My Face ?"

"Hah Hah ... Sniff .. Sniff ...
Onion Breath !! Ugh !"
"I shouldn't have drank all that cough syrup !"
"I've Got a Splitting Headache !"

"There A sale on at Krispie Cream !"

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