Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Happywax's Video Vault ! R'ha (2012) ! Short Sci-Fi Flick !

            Hello again Horror Fans ! Hap's outdone himself this
time ! You won't want to miss this Great Episode of Happywaxs Video Vault ! Tune in as Hap brings you the Short Sci-Fi Film masterpiece ...... R'ha !! Once again , You won't believe what can be created these days by one person , some imagination and creative software ! R'ha is worth the price of admission and the ppcorn ...... But the best thing is   It's Free !! Right here at Doomgoryums Horror Emporium !        This Episode originally aired on HappywaxTV on January 24 , 2013 , and is part of the back log of Great material we have waiting for you Horror Fiends down here in the Dungeon ! So stay tuned for more Great Horror action from the Doomgoryum Guys and as we like to say down here .........
                        Stay Scared !!!!!!
"No one loves Horror Like Hap !"
"The Gang Just Eat these Video Vaults Up !

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