Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Doomgoryum Report # 44 ! John Dies At the End (2012) !

       Hey there Freaky Out Fest Horror fans ! Hap , Axe & Jimmy got a great one for you on this Episode of the Doomgoryum Report !!  ...... John Dies At The End !!! If you like your Horror Gory And Zany  , then you Won't want to miss this one ! The Twists and Turns Just keep coming ! You won't know if you're Up or if you're down !! Check out the show and make up your own mind ! Let us know what you think , and if you want more ... check out the link to our youtube page above ! If you like what you see , don't forget to hit the Subscribe button !
      So ..... Remember kids .......

                 To avoid the strange fate of Dave and John ........

                              Just Say No !!!!!!!!

                                             Stay Scared !!

"Looks like he just fell to pieces !"
"I need Braces ! Oh No !"

"What do you Mean .... Ass Face !!??"
"I Am Not The Curgan !!"

"Just Say No Dave !!!!"
"Zany Smile Club President !"

"He's Not The Curgan !! I Am Highlander !"

"Can I Join The Zany Smile Club Too !"

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