Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Dead Walk Take # 17 ! The Walking Dead's "I Ain't No Judas" !

Written by Axemaster February 26 , 2013


 Hey there Walking Dead Lovers ! Hap , Axe & Jimmy are back with this weeks Dead Walk Talk ! And the Episode ... "I Ain't No Judas" got the first ever Rubber Chicken from one of The Doomgoryum Guys ! Check out the review to find out which one ! Let us know what you think of the direction of The Walking Dead  ! If you like what you see , check out the youtube link above for more Horror action !
     Stay tuned for more great reviews from The Doomgoryum Gang !

          Until the undead come knocking again ........

                           Stay Scared !!!

"OOppss .... safety wasn't on !!!"
"You're a Dick Mearl !"

"Gee .. Wonder if he can aim with one eye !??"


"You Need a Shave There Wacko !!"

"What Do You Mean , We're Out of Twinkies Huh !!??"

"Yeah !! I got it too ... Cheap Body Art !"

"You sure are a Pain In The Neck Lady !"

"Wonder Woman !.... Can I Borrow
The Invisible Jet !? Just Once !??"

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