Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Happywaxs Video Vault ! S-VHS Trailer (2013) & 3113 Short Film !

                                                                                                 Hey there Short horror Fiends ! Hap's been busy over the last few weeks ! Here's another great episode of Happywax's Video Vault packed full of Trailer & Short Horror Glory ! S-VHS looks like one Not to Miss , and the 3113 Short is proof of what can be done these days with some time and a whole lot of imagination !! So check out Happywaxs Video Vault and stay tuned for more from Doomgoryums Horror Emporium as we get out the Back log of material that we have piling up down here !! Jimmy had a bit of a rebelious streak over the Holidays ! It's hard to find good help in a Dungeon !!!

               So , until we meet again in the darker places ........

                            Stay Scared !!!
"Mr. & Mrs. Axemaster freak
over Hap's Video Vaults
"Even From Deep in the Wilds ..
Karl Headblaster Never Misses
a Video Vault Episode !"

"These Fine Zombies Love It !"

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