Friday, 11 November 2011

Resident Evil : Apocalypse (2004)

Written by Happywax     Nov 2011
Rating 8.5 out of 10

Director - Alexander Witt

Milla Jovovich - Alice
Sienna Guillory - Jill Valentine
Oded Fehr - Carlos Olivera
Jared Harris - Dr Ash Ford
Mathew G. Taylor - NEMESIS

Ok Kiddies gather around cause Happys got part 2 done in the Awsome Resident Evil Series and belieive me when I say Apocalypse is an exciting fun ride throughout. It's action with a touch of horror, crafted to its finest. Make no mistake - this is hardly frightening or dramatic. Instead, it is heart-pounding entertainment like a Terminator movie. There's no time to think. 

 Instead, RE's scene to scene action will spin you through a wild mob of zombies, a perilous graveyard, burning car wrecks, a hopeful helicopter pad, streets full of retreating police, a K-9 unit (Yay!), people clawing at a prison city wall, an empty-looking schoolyard,... all the while with guns a'blazin', people a'runnin', and zombies a'chasin'. The film only allows a pause of silence for the classic slow-motion whizzing bullets, a bizarre car crash, and moments before yet another infected creature attacks. Action.

If you're the hopelessly logical, then this film is not for you. Your mind will inevitably wander through thoughts like if STARS knew about headshots, why didn't they bother giving the Racoon City Police a hint? Or, hmm...those zombies sure are slow on the ground; funny how they were just racing up the steps a minute ago. Don't bother. Give the brain a two-hour break, sit back, and enjoy.

If you're the philosophical type, you'll quickly pick up on the betrayed-by-your-own action/creation theme and smile in understanding when Nemesis rips out an iron bar for a weapon, leaving a spike where it broke off. Good theme. But that's pretty much it. What? You came to a Resident Evil movie to think?! If you're looking for a moral: never be the guy wearing a helmeted uniform in an action movie.

If you're the plot and character development type, you'll instantly recognize it's pointless since everyone already assumes a cliché role: evil villain guy, mercenary badass, deadly girl with gun, laptop scientist, etc. Why develop more on archtypes you already know? In an action movie the only development you need is cliché guy #1 must to save cliché guy #2 while everybody gets the F--- Out of Dodge, er, Racoon City.

If you're the horror type, you'll enjoy the priest and how he takes care of his sister. And oh yes, a scene where a digital camera spies some children with their hands in the 'cookie jar.' Speaking of children, Angie Ashford's a little creepy too. There's plenty of horror – just not as much as 'Dawn of the Dead.'

My complaints? It's OK for action movies to have an ultra-powerful hero, but why god-like? There's no tension and danger when god's around. Fortunately, they RE characters have a habit of splitting up. Also, Nemesis wasn't frightening enough. A good dentist can fix his smile and he could almost pass as a pudgy stuffed animal. Well, except for the rocket launcher.

But,  Like I said if you want a fast paced , zombie killin, ass kicker of a movie than look no futher than this Awsome popcorn muncher, its become one of my favs and I'm almost positive you like as much as I do, just remember to leave all logic at the door..........................

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