Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Munsters TV Remake

Written by Happywax             Nov 2011
Hey Kiddies have I ever got some awsome news for you!!  Over the last month we have heard a lot of chatter regarding the TV reboot of The Munsters. Just a few weeks back we heard that Bryan Fuller had pitched his script to NBC and it appears as if they like what they see as a pilot has been ordered. Today comes word that Bryan Singer director of the Superman Remake ( which frankly I thought was Fantastic ) will be directing the new Munsters franchise for NBC

According to Deadline, Universal Television will be producing the project which has been described as“an imaginative reinvention of The Munsters as a visually spectacular one-hour drama.”

The network currently see’s the show as a potential summer or even series event, at this time there is no word as to when this one will get underway.  I for one LOVE this show, and I can't wait to see it!!

The Munsters reboot is said to feature “striking visuals mixed with all the classic Munsters archetypes. Grandpa Sam Dracula is essentially Dracula who assembled Herman because no man was good enough for his daughter Lily, a sexy vamp. Lily’s niece Marilyn the freak is actually normal and  Lily and Herman’s only child, Eddie, has his werewolf tendencies surface in puberty, forcing the family to relocate to their famous 1313.”    

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