Monday, 7 November 2011

Resident Evil (2002)

Written by Happywax    Nov 2011
Rating 7.5 out of 10

Director - Paul W.S. Anderson

Milla Jovovich - Alice
Colin Salmon - James "One" Shade
Michelle Rodriguez - Rain Ocampo
Eric Mabius - Matt Addison
James Purefoy - Spence Parks
Hey kiddies , Happys got a treat for you, since I'm so stoked that their making another Resident Evil movie ,Due out next year, I've decided to review the first 4 movies this week, Sooooo  lets get started................This has to be the best zombie-mutant-shoot-'em-up-splatter-film I've seen in years! It rocks, it rolls, it's lock and load entertainment of the finest kind! And certainly not for the faint of heart or even weak of stomach!

 Resident Evil, unlike previous attempts to transfer video games to the big screen, is a great action film in its own right.

The plot is very simple: A team of elite commandos is sent into an underground laboratory to find out what caused the death of several thousand employees. Of course, an evil corporation has been evilly getting up to evil tricks and nasty things are lurking in dark corners.

Now forget the plot and fasten your seat belts as the elite team is not only taken apart by some cool special effects but also finds itself on the menu as hors d'oeurvres, entrée and dessert for a horde of ravening zombies, mutated Dobermanns with attitude and a giant 'Licker' straight from the video game.

Writer-director Paul W.S. Anderson pulls out all the stops as the countdown ticks down and the bodycount steadily mounts. There are moments that will make you jump and your pulse race, gunfire aplenty, loads of narrow escapes and some great "Oh Shit !" moments; all to a pounding rock beat.

There's more than enough blood and guts shown, figuratively as well as on the floors, walls and ceiling, to satisfy all but the sickest of individuals, and full credit goes to the prosthetics, make-up and special effects departments.

Milla Jovovich makes an excellent kick-ass zombie heroine (and I for one, would volunteer to have my neck snapped like a dry twig between her thighs anytime!) as does Michelle Rodriguez as one of the troopers.

Resident Evil is everything Tomb Raider should have been and wasn't. If you've lost faith in ever seeing a video game successfully make it to the big screen, you will believe again. If you won't see this film because it's based on a video game, you will be missing out in a big way. Overcome your prejudices, I did, and I guarentee that you won't be dissapointed with this flick...............................See ya tommorrow with part 2

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