Friday, 25 November 2011

Dead Heads (2011)

Written by Axemaster on November 25 2011
Rating 7.5 out of 10

Directors   -   Brett Pierce , Drew T. Pierce

Michael McKiddy     -   Mike Kellerman
Ross Kidder             -    Brent Guthrie
Markus Taylor         -     Cheese
Thomas Galasso       -    Thomas Jeremiah
Natalie Victoria        -    Elle Masterson

"Did you remember the sun tan lotion !?"
            Hey there all you Zom Com Crazies ! Axe is back in the
Dungeon tonight with a little treat for you Horror Comedy lovers out there !  .............. Dead Heads !
This one had Hap and I in stitches a few nights ago and is definitely worth taking a peek at !
 Here's the story line in a nut shell .........................

   There's a Zombie breakout taking place ! (there's a lot of that going around lately !) Mike Kellerman has just woke up outside ! He's not really sure how he got there , or where he's been ! There are strange people all around him , moaning and stumbling all over the place ! (Sounds like an awesome
"Man ! Why is , People are always
Sticking It To Me !!!????"
keg party perhaps !) A couple of them notice that he's woke up and turn towards him , but then turn away , uninterested . Yes , You guessed it you Zombie experts you , Zombies are only interested in Living flesh ! Old , Mike , well , He's Dead !! yup , he's a Zombie !!
Only , he doesn't really know he's dead yet ! He ends up running from the chaos of the on going Zombie outbreak  , as though he's not one of them for a while . He tries to get into a house by knocking on the locked front door . The owners are holed up inside , and they tell old Mike to get the hell out of there ! See Mike is a special kind of Zombie , because , he's still aware , and he can still talk ! None the less , the owners of the homestead know the undead when they see one , and after warning him a few times , they blast him ! Mike gets blown off the
"I love the smell of Zombies in the Morning !"
porch and freaks out , do to the large gun shot wound in his gut , and runs off . In a pretty amusing scene , he decides that this must be the end , and finds a quiet spot to lay down and , well .... Die ! He drops back on the ground ..... then pops back up again ! He starts to realize that something is up and keeps moving .
  Meanwhile back at the house he tried to get into , the holed up survivors are being led by a guy named Thomas Jeremiah , who is the no nonsense sort of dude . He's pretty much a one man Zombie killing machine ! The house eventually gets overrun , but Thomas makes it out , to kill Zombies another day . Meanwhile , Mike has bumped into another
"Yes ! Yes this is the worlds dumbest
looking Mustache !!"
talking Zombie !! His name is Brent ! Mike is unsure of Brent at first , but hey , no humans want to do anything but shoot at him , and the other Zombies are not much for conversation ! So , they team up .
Mike still has trouble accepting that he's dead . They go to a bar for a drink (The Zombie outbreak hasn't disrupted business at this watering hole yet ! ...... Yet !) , and discuss their past . Brent knows that he died of erotic asphyxiation ! He has the belt mark around his neck to prove it ! Mike , just can't put the pieces together . All he remembers is Elle Masterson . She was his foxy girl friend in high school ! He was going to pop the question , and bought the ring and everything ! In fact , as he tells Brent this , he reaches into his pocket and , there's the ring ! Brent hatches a plan to go on a road trip so that Mike can find his lost love
"I love you ! And you smell ...
Tasty !!!!"
and tell her how much he still loves her ! Mike argues that if he truly
is dead , as Brent says , then what kind of life could he possibly give her ? Brent talks him into the quest and off they go ! Two Zombies with the world at their feet ! Along the way , they even pick up a pet Zombie , named Cheese ! The road isn't clear for them though . The Zombie outbreak is being fought of course , and as it happens , there are people looking for two special Zombies with speech skills and the ability to think ! These people work for a company that specializes in illegal experiments ! They enlist the aide of old Thomas Jeremiah to track down their special Zombies , and the chase is on !
      Dead Heads is a pretty good dark comedy . The Pierce brothers do a great job with the whacked out story line , and they load the flick with great amounts of gore , whacky scenes and general hilarity !
All in all I think you'll enjoy this one . It's good to have some Gruesome Laughs once in a while !
It can get kind of serious down here in the Dungeon , night after night you know !

                   Until we meet again , in the Darker places ..........

                             Stay scared !!!

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