Saturday, 3 September 2011

Grave Encounters (2011)

Written by Axemaster September 3 2011
Rating 8 out of 10

Director   -   The Vicious Brothers

Sean Rogerson    -    Lance Preston
Juan Riedinger    -    Matt White
Ashleigh Gryzko  -  Sasha Parker
Mackenzie Grey  -   Huston Grey
Merwin Mondesir  -  T.C. Gibson

                             Hey there all you Fright freaks ! Axemasters back in the Dungeon tonight with the latest Indie Fright Flick For Ya ! .............
Grave Encounters !! Have you ever wanted to explore that old abandoned Insane Asylum that just happens to be hidden in your home town ?? Well it just so happens , that your old pals , Hap And Axe Have Always wanted to !! ( Yes I serious folks ! We really do have an Abandoned Insane Asylum in our town !! ) We haven't done it yet , as the whole place is fenced off . Time is running out as well . Its slated to be demolished in the next couple years !! So if we do decide to go "Over The wall" ! ............
"Yeah , We Bad ! We Bad !!"
Its got to be soon ! However , I have to admit , after watching this flick we might have second thoughts ! Here's the story line in a nut shell... ..................................

              The Flick begins with a scene from a current documentary . The host explains that , back  a few years before the big "Reality TV" craze that is now all the rage , there was one show , that pioneered the genre ............. Grave Encounters !! He explains that , what you are about to see , is actual footage , and hasn't been edited in any way ! ( I know , blare Witch and many others , but bare with me !) Grave Encounters had aired four episodes already , and the shows host , Lance Preston , longed to bring
"Paging Nurse Ratchett !"
to the viewers out there in TV land , proof of the supernatural on film ! His desire to do so was fueled by an eerie encounter he had early in life ! So , for their fifth episode , Lance and the gang procured permission to not only film an episode , but spend an entire night (Bbrrrrrr !!!) in the nations most notoriously haunted , Abandoned Mental Asylum .... Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital !
The footage starts outside the hospital itself , as Lance and the crew are doing exterior shots and some back ground on the history of the Hospital . Lance interviews the Doltish Caretaker of the place , who seems to be on edge the entire time of course . The care taker tells of one Doctor in the Hospitals past who was famous for performing lobotomies ! In fact , this guy apparently broke the World Lobotomy record back in the day ! Hell , he'd likely perform them at the staff Christmas party !!! Well , he was the
"Is my Eyeliner running ??"
darling of the psychiatric world for it at the time , but the patients , well , they weren't that happy with this guy ! They rose up , and killed old Dr. Lobotomy , right there in the Hospital ! The Caretaker goes on to tell lance and the gang of a few more Creepy things . He shows them a window on one of the upper floors , that , no matter how many times he closes the latch , he'll come back in the morning , and Yup ! You Guessed it , That old window is open again !!! He also takes them through one of the old bathrooms . It looks like an old shower area , with a few claw foot tubs in it ! The tubs and a lot of the plumbing has been disconnected . He shows them one tub , in which he says , a female patient killed herself by cutting open her wrists ! The caretaker tells lance that on several occasions , he's heard the sound of running water , and splashing noises coming from this room , while he was down the hall !
"Ah yes ! Tooth Decay !
Time for a Lobotomy !!"
Lance and the crew film everything , even of course , them just talking , and messing around . So we see that Grave Encounters isn't always .... Truthful Encounters ! Enter Psychic , Huston Grey ! This guy is the Grave Encounters spirit talker . He "Feels" many unhappy spirits floating around the place , so he says for the camera . But in between takes that will make the show , it becomes apparent that the crew , are just going through the motions . Meaning , they don't really believe that there is anything out of the ordinary with the old place . Matt , one of the Camera guys sets up remote night vision cameras all over the place (Of course he does !) and they settle in for the night ! The Caretaker gets the hell out of there , ( Do You Blame Him !??)  locking them in for the night ! ( Of Their Lives !)
"Ouch ! I Bit My Tongue !!"
   Will Lance and the Gang play Gin Rummy undisturbed for the night ?? Or will Lance finally get the proof he wants so desperately to find ?? Will they find out the Truth about Collingwoods strange sightings and Paranormal events !!?????/
 I'll never tell !! You've got to watch to find out from here !!
Some of you may be thinking , "Oh No , Not another shaky video camera flick , where nothing really happens !!" I had the same thought pass through my head as I sat down to watch this one . I think the Vicious Brothers must have had that thought too , because they do a good job of blending the video cam thing , with an actual movie with special effects and the works ! At times I was reminded heavily of watching old episodes of "The Twilight Zone" as a kid . I know the whole "Haunted Hospital" thing has been done to death , but give this one a try Fright Fans , you might like the tale that is told in the Dark halls of Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital .
    Well , the lights are growing Dim down here in the Dungeon .

        Its time for me to go , back to the more lighted places .............

             Because you always have to remember .............

                   To mock the spirits ............

                         Is To Tempt their Wrath !!!!!

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