Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Dead ( 2010)

Written by Happywax   Sept 2010
Rating  8.5 out of 10

Director - The Ford Brothers

Rob Freeman - Brian Murphy
Prince David Osei - Sgt  Daniel Dembele
Ben Crowe - Mercenary Leader

Hey kiddies Happys got a treat for you tonight ,Ive watched 1000s of Horror movie in my life and every once in a while a movie comes along that makes you say WOW , and this is one of those movies. I briefly recall seeing the poster for it a while back but i'd since forgotten about it up until the other day when i took a gamble on watching it and was happy within the first 10 minutes after seeing the style and effects.

The movie is shot on 35mm film, not on digital like modern Hollywood flicks. this gives it a very classic look and feel, reminiscent of the George a Romero film like dawn of the dead in '78 and day in '80.

The zombie effects and makeup as far as I could tell used no CGI whatsoever and the gore, though not too frequent, looks great when it's on screen.

The undead are also nearly always on screen, and combined with their excellent makeup, great camera work and complete lack of unnecessary music, have a very menacing feel as they creep up on the films 2 protagonists.

The films setting is beautiful and a fantastic change from the norm's of busy city streets and urban environments. it is shot in west African locations such as Burkina Faso and Ghana, as well as the Sahara desert. it really is a breath of fresh air in the zombie movie genre.

The story is fairly simple. an American military engineer washes up on the coast of west Africa after his evacuation flight crashes. as the sole survivor he attempts to reach a northern military air field to re-attempt his escape, and runs into a soldier of the African military who is trying to find his son during the chaos.

The film does leave itself open for the possibility of a sequel and I would be more than happy to watch it if it mirrors the quality of this one, this movie is a must watch for any zombie fan, or anyone wanting to watch a refreshing take on the zombie genre, This movie is awsome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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