Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Toronto "AFTER DARK" Film Festival Oct 20-27, 2011

By Happywax      Sept 2011

Hey Kiddies, hot off the heals of the very popular FAN EXPO, comes the perfect way to bring in Halloween , The Toronto "AFTER DARK " Film Festival,  from Oct 20 thru 27 , 2011 and this years movie line up looks pretty awsome, first up:

MONSTER BRAWL - a crowd-pleasing horror action comedy about an outrageous sporting event that sees fan favourites duelling it out to see who is the greatest monster of all!

FathersDay -  the much-awaited Troma Entertainment cult exploitation film, about a group of misfits trying to hunt down a twisted serial killer, will hold its WORLD PREMIERE at the festival!

Exit Humanity - Zombie fans can look forward to this awsome flick which  blends stunning live action and animated sequences to recount the tale of a soldier coping with a deadly zombie outbreak during the American Civil War

Dead Heads - the hysterical  zombie buddy comedy about two undead fellows on a madcap road trip  adventure!

The Divide -  sees co-stars Michael Biehn and Milo Ventimiglia dueling it out as survivors trapped in the basement of a New York building, the day the world ends.

Love -  Meanwhile on the International Space Station, this absolutely stunning film  has an astronaut coming to terms with an apocalyptic event on earth and features a fantastic original score composed by the band ANGELS & AIRWAVES.

Red Line - is a must-see thrill ride of pulsating Japanese animation, seven years in the making, set in the distant future on a planet where an insanely deadly race takes place.

The Theatre Bizarre -
 is an unmissable new anthology film featuring seven twisted horror tales incorporating the talents of numerous cult horror icons including Tom Savini and Udo Kier. 


This festival is definatly not to be missed, and for all your tickets and other up coming events surrounding the AFTER DARK festival, including the TORONTO ZOMBIE WALK , just hit the link I've provided below

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