Monday, 21 October 2013

Doomgoryum Report # 56 ! World War Z (2013) !

Written by Axemaster October 21st 2013

  Okay Zombie Zealots !!! Here it is! The One you've either been waiting for ! Or the one you've been Dreading!  Brad Pitts & Max Brooks's long awaited Zombie epic......... World War Z !!
  Tune in as Hap, Chap, Axe & Jimmy give you the break down of this energetic Zombie Romp!
  Let us know what you think ! And let us know how we did!
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   From Hap, Chap Axe & Jimmy.......

                 Stay Scared!!!! ....... And Stay ahead of 

                               The Pack !!
"Zombie Ants ! Deadly!"
"One At A Time Please ! One At A Time!"
"Fever !!?? Thats the Least of Our Worries!"

"Breath like that is why I have Angelina
And You Don't!"

"Stop Chasing me you Inglorious bastards!"


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