Monday, 21 October 2013

Dead Walk Talk # 24 ! The Walking Dead's ... "Infected" ! (2013)

Written by Axemaster, October 21st, 2013.

  Okay Zombie Lovers! It's Dead Walk talk Time again! Join Hap, Axe & jimmy for the skinny on this weeks ..... The Walking Dead Episode.......
 You might get infected too if you keep tuning into Doomgoryum Programming ! So if you do..... click the link below and Subscribe!

             Until we meet again in the Darker places......'

                       Stay Scared !!!!!   

"Harry Potter Forgot his Beezor!"
"The Walking Dead Machete Marathon!"

"Oh Shit ! What Now !!??"
"Oh Shit ! What Now !??"

"Oh Shit! What Now !??"

"Fence ..... Made in China! Oh Shit !!!"

"Oh Shit! What Now!??"

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