Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Dead Walk Talk # 25! The Walking Dead's "Isolation"!

Written by Axemaster October 30th, 2013.

Hey Gore Ghouls ! Hap, Chap, Axe & Jimmy are back! This week they take five in the Doomgoryum Lounge to bring you the break down on this weeks  The Walking Dead Episode......... "Isolation" ! Check out the review and let them know what you think! Don't forget to check out the youtube link below for more horror action!

                 Remember....... it is Flew Season......

                           So don't get locked in Isolation!!! 

                                    Get that Vitamin C In you !!!

"I AM NOT MR T!!!"

"Rock smashes Scissors! You Lose!"
"Ivey..... Pioson Ivey That is !"

"Rap! No Country! No! Rap !!NO COUNTRY!!"

"Reality Bites!"

"Cool! Zombie Stands!"

"Man ! They Really were Dying for BBQ!"

"Which of these does not belong!?""

"Rap! No Country!!"

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