Monday, 21 October 2013

Doomgoryum Report # 54 ! Elysium ! (2013)

Written by Axemaster Oct, 21st, 2013

Hey there Sci-Fi Freaks !
Hap, Axe & Jimmy are back with another offering for you! This Episode of The Doomgoryum report tackles ......... Elysium!!
Another bleak look at what may lay ahead for the average working class Joes of the planet !! Bbrrrr !! These Rich Snobs really know how to shut the little people out and make em feel like poop!
So Matt Damon takes the situation into his own hands !!
Check out the review, the link down below, and stay tuned for more great episodes!

        From hap, Axe & Jimmy.........

               Never stop fighting for

                    Your ticket to Elysium!!!!

"Hey Baby.. I Just Crapped my Pants !"

"Space for the Rich!??"

"I Really HATE The dentist!"

"Screams in space.... Heard or not??!"

"Yes ! I'm the Hottest Bitch in space!!!"

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