Friday, 19 April 2013

The Doomgoryum Report # 50 ! The Evil Dead (2013) !

Written by Axemaster April 19th 2013
Okay Forest Demon Fright Gore fans ! Here it is ! The Episode you've been holding your breath and your rosaries for ............
The Evil Dead !!!!!!! The Doomgoryum Guys went, They saw, they reviewed this remake of one of the most Grizzly Gory Grinding Horror flicks of all time !! Check out what they thought in this great Episode of The Doomgoryum Report ! Check out the website above for more Horror action !

               And how many times have 

                          Hap, Axe & Jimmy Told Ya..... !?

                             You Find a Flesh Bound Book a cabin Basement .....

                                       You Leave it the Hell alone and head for the Holiday Inn !!!!!

"Come Play With me !"
"This make Brushing my teeth Sooo much easier !"

Ooopsie !! Dad always did this when I was a kid !"

"DAM IT ! This much spaghetti sauce will never
come out of my shirt !"

"Blluurrgg .. Ooops ! One too many ceasars ! Yaarg !


"Who Said Women Can't be Lumber Jacks Too !!??"

"Id Dhere Subting Im By Moupph !??"

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