Friday, 19 April 2013

Dead Walk Talk # 22 ! The Walking Dead's "Welcome To The Tombs"

Written by Axemaster April 19th 2013

  Hey there Zombie Fans ! Well .... the third season of everyones favourite Zombie show has come to an end ! The Doomgoryum Guys only wish it came to an end with more of a Bang . Unfortunately the season finale "Welcome To The Tombs" has been dubbed ..... "Welcome To The Toilet" By Hap, Chap, Axe & Jimmy ! It also turned out to be their second unanimous Rubber chicken in the shows three season run ! So tune in, Check out the hilarity, and see what The Doomgoryum Guys had to say ! Check out the website above for more Horror fun !

               Dead Walk Talk will resume in the fall .......

                          So until then ............

                                  Aim For The Head !!!
"At least there's Something Explosive this episode !"

"These Bullets that come from point blank always Miss !"

"Hey .. I saw this on The A Team all the Time !"

"Remember Carl .. Three Warnings before you shoot okay !?"

"Im' a Nut Job ! If you don't do what I say I'll A Team You All !"

"Oh .. By the Way .. I'm finally Dead ."

"Put The Gun Dow.... Ah Screw it !! Bang !! Your dead !"

"You're all Dead ! CARL WOULD HAVE SHOT ME !!"

"Huh .. Should have had Carl on their side !"

"Oh wait till I tell Carl On You Gov ! He'll Shoot for sure !"

"A Team School of Action ! Teaches the fine art
of Spraying a crowd at point blank and Not
Hitting a single target !! "

"You know ... We were Absolutely the Most
Useless Characters of Season Three Babe !
We Never really did Shit !
Oh well ... Maybe Next Season !"

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