Friday, 30 November 2012

DEad Walk Talk # 13 ! The Walking Dead "When The Dead Come Knocking" !

Written by Axemaster November 30 , 2012  Hey Fright Fans ! Well ... The Plot thickens on the Walking Dead's "When The dead Come Knocking" !
And the Doomgoryum Guys Break it down for you in This weeks Episode of Dead Walk Talk ! If you're as Jazzed as they are about the upcoming Midseason Finale , then Tune in and see what they have to say !
Stay tuned for more great Episodes of The Doomgoryum Report , and Dead Walk Talk !

         From hap , Chap , Axe , & Jimmy ........

                          Stay Scared !!!

"Room Service in this place SUCKS !"
"We Smell A Buffet !!"

"Oh Yeah !! SOUP'S ON !!"
"What's A Girl Have to Do To Get A Room HERE !?"

" I love these walks in the Woods !"

"I know how to get The BEST Rooms !"

"Let me Pick Your Brain !"
"You Got something on your chin .. right here !"

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