Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Dead Walk Talk # 11 ! The Walking Dead , "Say The Word" !

 Written by Axemaster November 14 , 2012

   And the action continues !!! The Doomgoryum Guys bring you another great , "Don't Miss It" Episode of Dead Walk Talk !! The Walking Dead's .... "Say The Word" Picks up the Pieces after that Surprises and Horrors of "Killer Within"shocked fans last week . This episodes no slouch either !! So tune in and see what's up for Rick and and the gang !! Hap , Axe & Jimmy have their ears to the ground , and give you the low down !!! Stay tuned for More Dead Walk Talk ... right here in Doomgoryums Dungeon !

                            From Hap , Axe & Jimmy .........

                                        Stay Scared !!!!!
"You've got a dandruff problem lately !"

"Hello ...... Is this My Sanity calling !!?"

"DAH .... Which Way did he go !!???"
"Don't tell Merl ... DON"T FRICKEN TELL MERL !"

"How's a girl supposed to stay in shape around here !?"
"Hey Buddy , She gave Me Indigestion Too !" 

"Boy I wish we had Tower Time !"

"The Formula or your Life !"

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