Thursday, 8 November 2012

Dead Walk Talk # 10 ! The Walking Dead "Killer Within" !

Written by Axemaster November 8 , 2012      Holly Cow Zombie Lovers ! You're definitely not going to want to miss this Episode of Dead Walk Talk ! The Walking Dead's "Killer Within" is one Killer Episode , and The Doomgoryum Guys Break it down for you right here in the Dungeon ! Check out the predictions and make your own concerning the future of your favourite Walking Dead characters , and wheather they'll make mid season ! Lets face it folks ..... They're Dropping like flies already !! Who knows what else is in store for us ! And Them !
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                             See you next Week !

                                   From Hap , Axe & Jimmy .....

                                          Stay Scared !!!!
"When are they Gonna Let US use the Tower Carol !"

"Take a good look Ricky Boy ! It's
The Last one you'll get !"

"Psycho Killer ? Queska Say !??"

"Mmmmm ! T Dog Steak !"


"Get every Last one I can before it's Too Late !"

"Mummy doesn't want to arm wrestle right
now Karly Poo !"

"Is That The DICKY DEE !!!? IT IS !!

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