Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Dead Walk Talk #35! The Walking Dead's "Alone"!

Written by Axemaster March 12th, 2014.

Well ... For those Horror Hounds out there who thought that The Walking Dead's ..... Alone..... was a bit on the slow stinky side ....... You will find that this weeks .... Dead Walk Talk ... Is anything BUT slow!
Check out the somewhat heated breakdown and see the Doomgoryum Guys take off the gloves!
 This Episode contains Foul Language Used in Anger!! Thats the best Kind!

              From Hap, Chap, Axe & Jimmy........

                         Stay Scared!!!
"Take Us With you Beth!!"

"Lets Clear off that Table !! Er..... Uh... Sorry Hershall!"

"Mans Best friend!!? Not This Little Bugger!"

"Might as well Lie down for this one!"

"DAM ! She took The Pigs Feet!"


"Come On! We want to Get To Harlow Before Sundown!"

"I thought this club was Non Smoking!"

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