Thursday, 6 March 2014

Dead Walk Talk # 34! The Walking Dead's "Still"!

Written by Axemaster March 6, 2014

Hey Horror Hounds! Well it's Zombie Time again! This week, The Doomgoryum Guys give you the run down of The Walking Dead's ....... "Still"!
So pop some corn, and sit for a while and watch this weeks ... Dead Walk Talk! You Won't be disappointed ! If you like what you see and crave more Horror Merriment .... Then click the link below and Subscribe!

                    From Hap, Axe & Jimmy............

                               Remember to Alway Use a Driver ...

                                      When you're fighting the Living Dead At The country Club!!!
"Woo EEEE!! Tasty!"

"Take This Slum Lord!!!"

"You sure Know How To show a Girl a good time Daryl!"

"I always Wanted to Learn to play Golf!"

"Peach Schnapps make everyone cry in the end!"

"I'd Love Some Peach Schnapps!"

"Hey Get A Room Will Ya!!! I'm stuck to a tree here!"
"OOOps! Blue Flame Contest got out of hand!"

"You sure know how to show a girl a good time daryl!"
"This is how REDNECKS GOLF MOFO!!!"

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