Friday, 31 January 2014

Doomgoryum Shorts! The Return Of Karl Headblaster!

Written by Axemaster, Janurary 31, 2014.

In 2011, Doomgoryum Operative, and founder Karl Headblaster, went into the wilds on a top secret mission, to fight Evil! On the morning of June 6th, he and Axemaster inserted into a location that to this day, remains classified in the Doomgoryum archives. 7 days later, Axemaster was found floating in a life boat near death. Karl was never seen or heard from again. Painfully, after 3 years of searching, The Doomgoryum Guys, closed his file. Karl was listed as ... MIA.
      Until , one day, they began picking up his distress signal!

Check out the video for the whole story! You can never really close the book on Karl!
"Right then ! Off we go!"
"Trained to eat things that would
Make a billy goat puke!"
"Evil melt before these Ruffians!"
"OKay! Follow Me! I know where I'm going!"
"The last know photo of Axe & Karl on ...
"The Last Patrol" !"

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