Friday, 31 January 2014

Doomgoryum Report # 59! Prince Of Darkness (1987)!

Written by Axemaster, January 31, 2014.

  Okay Horror Hounds! This one's bound to sending under the covers, shivering all the way! Back in 1987, John Carpenter brought out a slightly overlooked Gem.......... Prince Of Darkness !
The Doomgoryum Guys say, this one is worth your time! So Fear No Evil and Venture Forth ! Check out the review, and the flick, If you dare! Then if your not too worn out ... check out the link below for more Horror Tidbits! Subscribe if you like what you see!

           And remember kids...............

                If you see worms on the windows ......

                      And bugs and Beetles crawling on your toes...

                                 It could be a good night to lock your doors and 

                                          Stay Scared !!!!!!

"I wanna Hold Your Haaa aand !"
"Mmm I love Shamrock Shakes!"

"Well ? Pizza? Or Mexican?!!"
"Yes, My mustache is Thick... and Hairy !"

"I really HATE Missing spots when I shave!"
"Okay then ! Strip Poker it is Kids!"

"Clearasil ! Don't Fail Me Now!!!"
"No More Mr. Nice Guy! No More Mr. Cle EE Ean !"

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