Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Walking Dead , "Seed" , Dead Walk Talk # 7 !

Written by Axemaster October 18 , 2012 .

    Hey there Fear freaks ! Hap , Axe and Jimmy are back in the Dungeon , with the Killer Premiere Episode of The Walking Dead ..... SEED !! For Faithful fans of the series ..... if the opener is any indication of whats to come this season , you'll need to watch the show with your rain coats on to avoid the splatter coming through the screen at you ! The Doomgoryum guys discuss this Episode in Dead Walk Talk # 7 !! Stay tuned for more great Episodes , and reviews right here in the Dungeon !

      And Remember ................
                      2012 is drawing to a close ...........
                                      so keep the supplies of bottled water , gasoline and bullets
                                                  Stock piled !!!! 
                                                         Because when ever there's an apocalypse ...

                                                       The Walking Dead seem to show up !!! 
                                                            Stay Scared 
"I grew up MORMON BITCH !"

"Avon Calling !"

"Democracy ?? FFFfeeeeee !"

"Uncle Jessy ! I Got The General Lee !"
"This is Like Disney's Prison Planet !"

"Oh ... I've got a bit of a sore throat !"

"I'm growing up Fast You !?? Real Fast ! RRroww !"

"Do you know how hard it is to get ALONE
TIME with glen when DADDYS WATCHING !??

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