Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Doomgoryum Report # 42 ! Paranormal Activity 4 !

Written by Axemaster October 31 , 2012

    Okay All you Paranormals !!! Hap , Axe & Jimmy got the review for you ! .... Paranormal Activity 4 !!! Come one Come all to hear the verdict from The Doomgoryum Guys ! You won't be sad you tuned in ! If you like what you see , don't forget to Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for more Horrifying action !!

               Well ... the candles are burning low down here in the Dungeon this All Hallows Eve ............ I think I can here something moving in the shadowy corners ....... where the light never quite reaches , and the strange shapes twitch and change with the flicker yellow glow .......

                 Remember ...... It's safer to be in bed behind locked doors before Midnight on Halloween ! 
                 After that ..... All sorts of Unholy things could happen !!!! 

                  MoooHah Ahhahah AHah haha !!

                        Happy Halloween !

"I'm The Idiotic Parent figure who won't believe you !"

"Nothing .... Just hanging around !"

"I'm Hollywoods Newest Freaky Child Actor !"

"I'm getting really sick of this little Demon Brat !"

"No ! This Isn't Poltergeist !!"

"Do you ever feel like there's someone..... Nnaaa !!"

"Ghost or no Ghost ... I know yo have
a boner right now Ben !"

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