Sunday, 15 July 2012

Happywaxs Video Vault , VHS Trailer (2012) , Mama , (2008) short Horror

"Train Animals by day .... Fight Evil by night !"
Written by Axemaster July 15 2012

Hey there Horror Hounds ! This week , Happs got a great treat for you on Happywaxs Video Vault ! THe Short Horror flick Mama is ....... Well , It's TO DIE FOR !!!! Buuu Ha Ha Ha !!
Check out the great VHS trailer Too ! Stay tuned for more great action right here at Doomgoryums ! It's been a hot summer to fight evil , but the Doomgoryum Guys always come out on top !!

             Stay cool ...... And Scared !!! 

"Have you seen these Men !!??"
"HHmmm . Happywax Eh ?
I think I'll keep an eye on this guy !"

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