Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Happywaxs Video Vault , Dirty Laundry (2012) Short Film .

Written by Axemaster July 25 , 2012

  Hey there Gore Ghouls ! If you like the Bone Snapping , Neck Twisting , Head Smashing Action ... then this weeks Hap's Video Vault is definitely for you ! A few years back , Thomas Jane starred in the 2nd screen adaption of the comic "The Punisher" . Even though the flick didn't catch on much at the box office , it has earned quite the "Cult" following . And your pals Hap & Axe are in that cult for sure ! Thomas Jane sprung for this little flick himself , so he must really like the role .
Anyway , check out the episode and let us know what you think !

      Remember .........

            Don't Just Fight evil where ever you go ....

                  PUNISH IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Axe is MAD about Punishment !"
"Evil Doers Beware ! Not only is there HAP & AXE .
But Now .. The real Punisher is BACK !"

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