Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Shock Stock 2012 ! The Doomgoryum Special ! Part 2 !

Written by Axemaster May 1 2012

       Well , It took two weeks to do it , but here's Part 2 of our Special on Shock Stock 2012 ! Thanks for your patience , and good things come to those who wait ! Hey Fighting Evil takes up a lot of our day you know !!! Shock Stock was a blast and if you couldn't make it this year , well , you'd best make the effort next year ! You won't be disappointed ! So check out the video's below , and let us know what you think ! Don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel if you like what you see ! Stay tuned for more Great Episodes Of ... The Doomgoryum Report !! They've been backing up a little , but we'll get them out to you ! Thanks for watching , and ......

                    From Hap , Axe & Jimmy ................ Stay Scared !!! 

                           Hap & Axe Introduce Part 2 Of The Doomgoryum Special On
                                                                   Shock Stock 2012 !!

            Axe Interviews Torin Langen & Zach Ramelan of CFF Films & REC Films !

                  The Brad Mills Interview ! Axe getting the low down on up coming "projects"!

                           Here's Steve Villeneuve Of Digger Films , Chatting with Hap !

             The Art Ettinger interview ! Editor of Ultra Violent Magazine ! Check it Out !

                     Here's A Night with The Demons , Part 1 ! The Doomgoryum Exclusive !

                         Here's Part 2 of A Night With the Demons ! Very Cool !

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