Monday, 28 May 2012

Happywaxs Video Vault ! The Possession (2012) Trailer , Ghost Recon "Alpha" & Eddie Van Halen !

Written by Axemaster May 28 , 2012

For details on this Episode of Happywaxs Video Vault , go to Youtube link provided below ! Enjoy !

        Hey there GameGhouls ! This weeks Episode of Happywaxs Video Vault is a great one ! Unfortunately , the Boobs at Youtube won't let us post it to the blog for Copyright purposes ! So !........
I've provided the link above for our Youtube channel ! You won't want to miss this one if you haven't seen the trailer for The Possession !! BBrrrrr ! It just got chillier down here in the gloom of the Dungeon !! Then there's the Ghost Recon "Alpha" Clip ! A Gamers must See ! Lastly , Hap tops it all off with an awesome clip of the Legendary Edward Van Halen ripping the crap out of his six strings at a recent concert !! Worth the price of admission itself ! So tune on in and check it out ! You won't be disappointed !! I wasn't !
 Stay tuned for more Great Episodes of Happywaxs Video Vault , right here at Doomgoryums Horror Emporium !

"I told you Axe !! You Need Sun Tan Lotion !!" 
"This Guys A Friend Of Mine !"
                     Stay Scared !! 

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