Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Woman In Black (2012)

Written by Axemaster February 8 2012

For details see video review below in Episode # 11 of 
The Doomgryum Report . Enjoy !

         Hey there all you Ghostly Apparition Addicts !! Hap , Axe and Jimmy have been hard at it to bring you this modern day classic !!
The Woman In Black !! This chilly remake will have you on the edge of your seat ! So sit back and check out Episode # 11 of The Doomgoryum Report and Enjoy !!

                               From hap , Axe and Jimmy .....
                                         Stay Scared !!

"Just a little nap ... hmm , feel like I'm
Being watched ... zzzzz !"

"Come Play With Us ..... Not !!"

"Its a Lovely little cottage on the edge
of town .. You'll Love it !"
"With toys like these ! Who needs
Nightmares !!?"

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