Monday, 20 February 2012

The Walking Dead "Trigger Happy" Dead Walk talk # 2

Written by Axemaster February 20 2012

For details see video review below !
Enjoy !

   Hey there faithful Zombie Freaks ! Axemaster here , with the latest Episode of Doomgoryums Dead Walk Talk !! Hot of the presses for your Undead , Flesh Eating , Head Shots Only Please ,
Pleasure !! Hap , and Jimmy and I are working to get you the best in Horror fun , so stay tuned for more !
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"Wake me up when we get to Disney World !"

                           Until we meet again ..........
                                              In the darker places ..........
                                                         Stay Scared !!

"Jesus Rick ! I know it the end of the
world , but trim your Nose hair !"

"I shooting guns when your Mama
Was still wiping your nose !!"

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