Monday, 9 January 2012

The Devil Inside (2012)

Written by Axemaster January 9 2012

For details , see video review below in a Doomgoryum Special Report .
Stay tuned for more Episodes of The Doomgoryum Report .

  Hey there all you Demon fighters !
 Axe is in the Dungeon with this little treat for you .....
The Devil Inside !!
 Check out our Doomgoryum Special Report in the video below for more info on this long awaited exorcism flick ! Stay tuned for more regular Episodes of The Doomgoryum Report ! Bringing Horror to your doorstep 24 7 !

"A Clockwork Orange !! Oh No !"

"Dam Hair Spray !"

"Twister Anyone !??!"

"I REALLY got to Pee !"

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