Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Devil (2010)

Written by Axemaster January 10 2012

For Details , Watch Episode # 3 of 
The Doomgoryum Report . Stay tuned for more Episodes
right here at Doomgoryum's Horror Emporium !

                    Hey There Fright Fans ! Hap and I've got a real treat for you tonight ! .......... Devil !
 This ones a real diamond in the rough , from the mind of M. Night Shyamalan ! Check out Episode # 3 of The Doomgoryum Report below , and we'll see you next time !

                  And Remember ...............
      Next time you have a funny urge to take the stairs in a high rise ....
"We could say ... play Twister !?"
                                   Take The Friggin Stairs !!!!

"I do this at rock concerts Too !"

"I've never played Twister like this !"

"Do you ever feel like you were being watched !??"

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