Saturday, 3 December 2011

Take Shelter (2011)

Written by Axemaster December 5 2011
Rating 8.5 out of 10

Director   -   Jeff Nichols

Michael Shannon   -   Curtis
Jessica Chastain     -    Samantha
Tova Stewart        -     Hannah
Shea Whigham     -     Dewart
Katy Mixon         -      Nat

                                       Hey there Fright Freaks !! Axemaster's in the Dungeon tonight with another treat for you . A while back , your old pals Hap and Axe went down to the Highland Theatre (Classic old London Ont, Cinema !!) to see a flick , that would have fit in quite
"Light rain my Ass !!"
nicely with our "August Of The Apocalypse" reviews at the end of the summer ! ................... Take Shelter !
  This is one cool and tense psychological thriller that builds the tension so slow that you feel almost as tormented as the main character Curtis does , in the flick !
  Here's the story line in a real quick nutshell ...............................

             Okay , so , what do you do , if you're lucky enough to still be working when everyone else is looking for a job , but you start to see , well , you start to see ..........
"I told you not to feed the wild life !!!"
Strange Stuff !! Like everywhere you look , you seem to see foreboding imagery , like mega storm clouds that are just a bit more than what the weather network would call severe . And what if you start to dream about this stuff every night with out fail . Stuff like oily yellowish rain , and birds that flock together in bizarre ways , just before dive bombing you in the street ! What if these strange visions start to eat at you so much , you start eyeballing that old storm shelter out in the back yard , and you start thinking about how nice it would be to crawl down there and wait it out . But first , you seem to have an overwhelming desire to Improve
"Oh My God !! Did You FART
In This One !!???"
that old storm shelter ! Yeah , because , for some reason , you don't think it will cut the mustard in its current condition ! Yeah , see , what you're waiting for is a storm so powerful ! So Severe ! That you need to burry a shipping container in the ground Beside that old storm shelter , hook the two together , and turn your old storm Shelter .....
into a Storm Condominium !!!! 
  This is what starts to happen to our old friend Curtis . What makes it worse , is that Curtis has a history of mental illness in the family . See , his Mom left him in the back of the family sedan in the parking lot of a super market when he was ten .
"Dam ! Left the Yahtzee out there !"
She was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia , and was put in an institution . At first old Curtis tries to soldier on through this "little Episode" . However , the dreams and visions become so severe that he is forced to consider the possibility , that the family history , may be effecting him . Along the way , Curtis begins to alienate his friends and loved ones in the process . His daughter Hannah , needs a costly medical procedure , so his job is of utmost importance . But when you spend more time acting weirder and weirder , the Boss might start to take notice ! Your loving and caring wife , might start to wonder if you've got a screw loose as well !!
    I thought that Take Shelter was a great one to watch . As I said earlier , Jeff Nichols really draws the tense atmosphere out in the flick . At times it's almost slow , but its
"Is that A Meteor !!????
Meteor ! Meteor !! Oh , no ... its a plane !"
just part of the build . Michael Shannon , is excellent in his role as Curtis . He's very flat most of the time , but when he lets go ... He lets go !! (Memorable scene at a Lions Club dinner !)
 But , as always Fright fans , You must decide for yourselves . I am but a humble reviewer , and only offer my opinion . So go on out there and see this one . Hey , it's worth a try ! What do you got to lose !!??

               And Remember ...........................................

                   If you have an old Storm Shelter out there .........................

                        You never know When .... you might have to Use It !!!!!

                             So make Sure its Solid !!

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