Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Revenant (2009)

Written by Happywax    Dec 2011
Rating 7 out of 10

Director - D. Kerry Prior

David Anders - Bart
Chris Wylde - Joey
Louise Griffiths - Janet
Jacy King - Mathilda
Emiliano Torres - Miguel
Hey Kiddies, your old pal Happys got a treat for you , not many horror flicks especially ZOMBIE flicks slip under my radar, BUT, every once in a while one does, I'd never even heard of this GEM until a couple of days ago, shame on me for missing this great flick  THE REVENANT.............The revenant in question is Bart (David Anders from Heroes and Children of the Corn), a soldier killed in battle in the Middle East. However, after his funeral, Bart wakes up in his coffin to find himself alive but undead. Bart and his best friend Joey (the scene-stealing Chris Wylde) slowly realize that Bart isn't really a vampire or a zombie, but a revenant, a undead hybrid that needs human blood to survive.

The Revenant's premise sounds a little like Bob Clark's classic Deathdream, but the film separates itself by being more of a buddy comedy flick with gore thrown in for good measure. This combination hits its mark as Bart and Joey try to find ways to get blood without harming innocent lives that eventually leads the pair to become "vigilante gun-slingers."

As a comedy, The Revenant succeeds thoroughly, and the casting of Anders and Wylde works to  perfection, a naturally pair that effortlessly  wins over the audience in a way that many buddy comedies try to achieve, but fail. However the film suffers from slow pacing that comes from The Revenant's more dramatic situations, particularly when Bart starts dealing with the issues he seemingly dropped to become a vigilante. Really, once the film gets to the point of Bart and Joey busting in on drug deals with guns blazing, is any one wondering why Bart hasn't dealt with his poor, suffering girlfriend?

 The Revenant's ending is a welcome surprise, one I won't ruin, but it also points out another flaw. Rather than enter the film's story as a twist, why not build to it? Had The Revenant removed the parts that didn't matter to the overall story, the ending would have had even more impact. Still, it's always impressive to watch a horror film that has an ending you don't see coming from a million miles away. For that, and for making a slick, legitmate horror comedy (at least when it wanted to be a comedy), Prior is to be congratulated.  I highly recommened this flick , I believe it just came out on Blue Ray last week so it should be easy to find,  Whatever you do don't let this one slip under the radar like your Old pal Hap did.......................Enjoy

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